Please note:

  • We are a one stop venue where we cater for all your
    food, flowers and décor.
  • We have a showroom with a variety of décor items
    and we set proof tables before your wedding.
  • All our venues are decorated with roof drapings and
    fairy lights.
  • Tables & chairs are included as well as a red carpet
    for every chapel.
  • All utensils, white, cream or black tablecloths, foodand
    Bridal tablecloths, napkins, setting up of tables
    and the washing up of crockery are included.
  • Provence-Estate also has beautiful gardens and
    water fountains for photos.
  • Hiring of function décor: We also hire out tables,
    chairs, cutlery, crockery, tablecloths, runners and
    overlays in different colors.
  • Flowers: We do flower arrangements of your choice.
  • Wedding cakes: Get the cake of your choice for your
    dream wedding.
  • We do catering at any venue of your choice and if
    you supply a few containers, we will gladly give you
    the food that is left.

Venue 1

Hall for up to 100 people with a chapel and a bar.

There are open spaces, beautiful gardens with 450 rosebushes, water focal points and a gazebo. Perfect for
capturng your romantic day on film. In the evening, the gazebo and trees are lit with fairy lights.

Venue 2

Hall for up to 300 people with a chapel and a bar.

The second hall features an outdoor chapel with a roof and overlooks the field with thorn trees. There are 400
white rosebushes, a variety of water focal points as well as a boma where an outdoor fire can be made.

Venue 3

Hall for up to 200 people with a chapel and a bar.

The third hall also features a boma, water focal points and a rose garden.

View Gallery

Come and have a look around our beautiful estate and let us
help you plan & create the wedding of your dreams.